Flowering Plants

Spring is a great time of year for you to see flowering plants. Flowers not only look pretty; they are fragrant too. As if you needed another reason to brighten your house with amazing plant life but beautiful flowers may give you some added incentive.

Mood lifting flowering plants

You probably already know the mood lifting power of flowers. Consider the excitement most people show when they see flowers delivered to their office, just for them. Flowers also have the power to make you feel better physically.

The American Society of Horticultural Science published evidence that patients who had flowers in their room needed less pain medication, had low blood pressure reduced pulse and felt more positive than those without (2008).

Here are a few flowering plants, thought to be mood lifting:

  • Lavender can boost your mood because of its positive effects on the nervous system
  • Orchids flower all year round, so they are believed to increase positive energy indoors
  • One study found Lilly of the Valley to be in the top 3 plants to make you happy
  • In the same study, Sweat Pea was found to trigger fond memories of childhood

Fragrant flowering plants

  • Scented geraniums can release aromas like rose, lemon, lime, nutmeg and chocolate
  • Arabian jasmine, is a scented flower used to make jasmine tea

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What can you do to get them flowering?

Plants need special care and Malabar Botanical Nursery is here to help you provide that care. As registered members of the Australian Institute of Horticulture we’re so much more than plant enthusiasts. We raise and care for healthy plants and help you get the best out of them.