Plants Native to Australia

Plants native to Australia give us a sense of nostalgia. Remember the flowering eucalyptus and gum trees in the bush? Growing up in Temora, I remember all the massive Eucalyptus trees I would run past doing cross country. Do you recall the bottlebrushes in your grandparent’s gardens when you were a kid?

Why consider buying natives?

Of course, plants native to Australia thrive in Australian conditions. If you don’t have much of a green thumb, natives are easy to grow. Our diverse climate and sometimes extreme growing conditions result in a wide variety of flora. Australia endures extremely dry conditions – especially here in Central West NSW. Australia’s earliest recorded drought was 1864. Our native plants have had to adapt.

Popular Australian Natives

Australian native plants attract wildlife to your garden and are excellent if you are fond of butterflies, birds, insects and other Australian wildlife.

Some well-known Aussie natives include:

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We are always adding to our family of native plants online. When you buy natives from Malabar Botanical Nursery you can have them delivered right to your Dubbo door for free. We would love to help you find the right plants for your garden or indoor space today.

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